Seebe Is a 4th generation native of the Florida space coast. The son of a subsistence fisherman, His roots are firm but shot out and explored steadily like those of the mangrove that inhabit his home region. At six years old he was set on pursuing a career as a naval architect, and from that point exploring the why and how of all things and specifically a preoccupation with form, aesthetics, and problem solving consumed his idle thoughts.

In young adulthood picking up carpentry to meet ends while pursuing various education endeavors and exploring career options only made sense. His childhood of assisting his father in working on fishing boats, making nets, mending all things broken, and bringing his own creations to life made picking up the tools that already fit comfortably in his hands a secure way to make a living and satisfy his inborn need to bring ideas into physical form. Carpentry was an honest vocation but his desire to refine his craft and strive to explore more freedom of form led him to decorative trim work, casework, millwork, and ultimately standalone furniture design.

Furniture design required the culmination of all the skills he had honed and allowed him to explore an infinite pallet of materials and forms. This is where he decided to make a mark and build a legacy.