Shop Cat (Shoppy)



Matthew (never Matt)

Matthew provides shop wide support in all areas of material prep, fabrication, and finishing. He can be seen here achieving one of his life long dreams. “when I was a child I always wanted to be able to pick myself up by the seat of my pants and fly away like the Lorax” -Matt


Shop Cat (Shoppie)

Shop Cat sauntered up one day as a stray and decided we were his people. He resided at the studio for a couple years putting in untold hours of hard labor before deciding he preferred to come stay in the moderately more safe environs of our home. He is still part of the team, nonetheless.



Top Gear has the Stig, we have the Tig. His identity has long since melded with the molten pools of metal he pours his attention into as a tig welder for our studio. do not distract him from his sole purpose or remove his battle helmet.